DJ Fluker makes Terrence Cody look Small..

DJ Fluker is 6'7" and at least 355 pounds of quick moving muscle , he is the prototype left tackle that you would genetically manufacture if you could. Quick feet, explosive blocking ability and a huge frame leaves no doubt why he was the number one offensive lineman in the country.

High School Stats:

- Bench 350lb
- Squat 525lb
- Forty 4.9 secs

Profile: D.J. Fluker

Terrence "Mount" Cody #62 is 6'4", 365lb and runs a 5.72 forty.

I have read articles that say he is down to the 354lb range coming in to the '09 season.

DJ & Cody are equals in weight. DJ has a 3" height advantage. Cody has the SEC Game experience. The best part is they get to practice against each other. Cody gets even better and DJ gets confidence! ROLL TIDE ROLL

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