Greg McElroy ... Look Out SEC!

I have said it before.. I hate that JPW graduated but look out SEC. #12 Greg McElory will be the talk of the SEC before Bama finishes the first half of the Virgina Tech Game.

Greg McElroy!: Alabama's Big Surprise for Opponents

This is a small excerpt from the above article.

"Though people came to see Heisman hopefuls Colt McCoy of Texas, Oklahoma's Sam Bradford, Ole Miss phenom Jevan Sneed, and others duke it for top honors, they sat and marveled at McElroy's ability to outduel the top collegiate quarterbacks in many events.

So the next time you read a story where people downplay Alabama for losing their starting quarterback and starting a first-year player, you can chuckle in knowing this first-year starter just beat out every so-called hot shot in the nation."

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