Most Power in the SEC?

I was reading the SEC's 10 most powerful people and here is the breakdown;

- There are only 2 head coaches in this list. As you would expect they are Nick Saban #2 & Urban Meyer #4.
- There is 1 Athletic Director.
- There is 1 Booster.
- There is 1 Agent.
- There is 1 Talk Show Host.
- There is 1 Basketball Head Coach.
- There is the Director of the SEC.
- There is 1 Quarterback. Tebow from Florida (actually at #5, just below his head coach)

3 of the 5 are from Florida (AD, Meyer & Tebow). 2 of the 5 are from Alabama (Saban & Paul W. Bryant Jr). The agent represents Saban among others. 6 of the top 10 "Most Powerful People in the SEC" have ties to Florida and Alabama. I'd say that is pretty accurate given that Florida & Alabama are now #1 & #2 (no particular order) in the SEC.

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