Who will have the biggest impact on the 2009 Season?

Who is it going to be? Who will have the biggest impact on the 2009 Season?

- Tana Patrick
- Dre Kirkpatrick
- Nico Johnson
- Alonzo Lawrence
- Colin Peek
- James Carpenter
- D.J. Fluker
- Brandon Moore
- Trent Richardson
- Eddie Lacy

There is allot of debate about which one of the incoming "freshman" is going to step up and have an immediate impact on the 2009 Bama Football Season. In my opinion there are 2 that really stand out:

#1 - D.J. Fluker. This young man is massive at 6'7" and a dainty 350lbs. He has the God given ability to become a dominate Tackle in the SEC. How quick can he adapt to the speed of SEC Football? If he adapts quickly, he will start every game and never look back. I think DJ has the biggest impact of any incoming player this year. Oh, did I mention that he is sub 5 seconds in the 40?

#2 - Colin Peek. A senior transfer from Georgia Tech. He will be the extra blocker on a young offensive line and yes, he has great hands too. As the O-Line gels, Greg will need a big reliable target, that will be Colin Peek.

Then there is Trent Richardson. Yes, the #1 running back recruit in the nation last year. I believe that he has the potential to become one of the Running Backs in the nation. Time will tell & Bama has a good stable of backs and a young O-Line. He will be an immediate impact, but not like Fluker & Peek.

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