AGM 2009 Preseason Top 25 Poll

Here's another preseason poll... According to this poll, Bama's #12 in the Nation.

The Tide almost put together a hell of a season last year when they jumped out to a 12-0 start. However, a 0-2 finish on the biggest stages brought Bama fans crashing back to reality. This year, Nick Saban and company will look to finish what they started. The key will be getting their offensive line to become the road graters they were at the beginning of the 2008 season. If the offensive line can open a few holes the Crimson Tide have the backs and the power running game that will chew up clock and dominate opponents, couple that with an always talented Saban defense and Alabama could be dangerous in 2009. To start the season the goal will be win the SEC and let the chips fall where they may.

AGM Linebackers 2009 Preseason Top 25 Poll

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