Jones & Ingram under Investigation?

The University of Alabama has not self-reported any NCAA violations related to a spring fishing excursion taken by football players Julio Jones and Mark Ingram, but at least one member of the UA compliance staff has flown to Indianapolis to discuss the situation with NCAA enforcement representatives, The Tuscaloosa News has learned.

UA's investigation determined Anderson is NOT an athletic booster. Student-athletes accepting benefits from a booster, defined as a representative of a school's athletic interests, would be considered a possible major institutional violation of NCAA rules.

UA also determined the excursion DID NOT violate NCAA Bylaw, which prohibits student-athletes from receiving extra benefits due to their status or reputation as athletes.

This entire ordeal is a joke. If the NCAA has any sense, which I doubt, they will laugh this one off and move on to something that actually matters! What a waste of time.

UA has met with NCAA on Jones, Ingram matter

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