Other Player Updates....

Dre Kirkpatrick (DB) - There is a great deal of experience ahead of Kirkpatrick among the veterans, so don’t expect to see too much too quickly. He’s not likely to knock Kareem Jackson or Javier Arenas out of a job in the regular defense.

A.J. McCarron (QB) - So far in camp, there is nothing to suggest McCarron isn’t a legit candidate for the No.2 quarterback job.

Kevin Norwood (WR) - Saban said, "while Norwood may not be a better talent than his fellow incomers at the position, he has shown the maturity to handle camp circumstances better than others".

Trent Richardson (RB) - Trent's current place in the pecking order is dicey business, but he appears to be just behind UA’s three veterans at the position.

Nico Johnson (LB) - Impressive in drills, but his weakside position is as tough a mental adjustment as a physical one.

Impact signees: Camp update

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