Sal Sunseri - Bama's LB Coach ...

I have read several articles this year about Sal and from what I've read he is one intense coach. Kind of reminds me of a Drill Sergeant I had in the Army. Here's a small excerpt from an article I read this morning...

Roaring through a sleepy Monday morning is a determined man on crutches, bellowing R-rated phrases that resonate beyond the fences of Alabama's practice field.

New assistant coach Sal Sunseri is drilling outside linebackers on how to shed a block and get into the backfield. Apparently, none are doing it right. Sunseri eventually drops a crutch, hobbles over on bad knee cartilage and angrily slings aside a blocker as a quick demonstration of the technique he wants to see duplicated.

"That can't be stopped!" he shouts.

Crimson Tide wants to Turn Up Pressure

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