Up to the Challenge?

This is an excerpt from Chris Low's interview with Coach Saban.

Coach Saban was asked, "how have you seen this team respond to that challenge"? Challenge refers to sustaining last years gains and continuing to build a national power. Here was Coach Saban's response:

"We did a kickoff coverage drill on the first or second day of camp and have just about everybody on the team on it except the quarterbacks and offensive linemen. I pointed out in the meeting to the players that Rolando McClain, Julio Jones and Javier Arenas, the three guys who got their picture in the paper for being preseason All-America, were the three guys that were the best guys running down on the kickoff cover team and they don't even do it. That's what your team has to understand. Look at these guys. They're running down because of the pride they have and they want to be the best at everything they do. That's why they're good, and that's why they sustain being good all the time".

Can you think of a better way to drive a point home?

Kicking it with Alabama's Nick Saban, Part I

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