Power Rankings ...

Power Rankings:

#1 - Texas
#2 - Florida
#3 - Alabama

Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: The Tide is rested from its two weeks off, and they're ready for the big showdown against LSU. As shaky as some of the recent performances have been, 'Bama is still No. 2 in run defense and fourth in total D. The Tennessee win looks a lot better after the Vols blew out South Carolina.

Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: The quarterback situation. Tebow, McCoy, McElroy ... which of these things just doesn't belong? With the way Oregon is playing at the moment, how confident would you be if the Tide had to go to Autzen (or if the Ducks traveled to 'Bama)?

#4 - Oregon
#5 - Iowa
#6 - Georgia Tech
#7 - Penn State
#8 - USC
#9 - LSU
#10 - Cincinnatti Bearcats

2009 Week 9 power rankings By College Football News.com

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