Heisman Watch

1. Mark Ingram (Alabama): No way can you not mention the 2009 winner for the 2010 award. The only thing I question is how long it will take for Saban to start using Trent Richardson more often? That could hurt Ingram’s quest for a repeat.

2. Ryan Mallett (Arkansas): His 2009 numbers were Heisman–like and with the return of no less than four top-notch receivers to choose from, if the Hogs find a way to knock off the Tide, he will be the front runner for the Heisman.

3. Jake Locker (Washington): This kid is a right-handed version of Tim Tebow, only without the supporting cast.

4. Kellen Moore (Boise State): He completed 277 of 431 for 3,536 and 39 touchdowns in 2009. If the Broncos run table and finally gain the nation’s respect, Moore wins the Heisman.

5. Terrelle Pryor (Ohio State): If the Buckeyes go undefeated and Pryor can increase his accuracy through the air, he will be in the mix.

predictions early on for 2010 football season

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