Mt. Cody is now Playing on Sunday's. Bama's new "MOUNT" is DJ Fluker (RT)

How do you awaken a sleeping giant? Yeap, knock him on his butt in front of the entire 'Bama Nation.

In the spring A-Day game, in one sweeping motion by third year linebacker Dont'a Hightower, Fluker was thrown backward five yards and knocked flat on his backside, leaving his quarterback A.J. McCarron exposed to the rush.

In the A-Day game DJ weighed 375lbs.. Since then?

- DJ has been a constant figure in the weight room
- DJ has Continued to improve his agility and athleticism
- DJ now weighs in at 325 pounds
- DJ wears a size 22 shoe
- DJ is at 23% body fat and 200 pounds of lean muscle
- DJ is becoming a leader in the locker room, which will translate to leadership on the field.

Thank you Dont'a Hightower for awaking a sleeping giant.

D.J. Fluker of Alabama is Ready For Prime Time

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