Bama Routes SJSU 48-3 ...

Bama's offense destroyed the SJSU defense from play #1. Bama's defense destroyed SJSU's offense after they settled into the game (2nd SJSU possession).

A couple of things that were mighty impressive;

1. Freshman LB CJ Mosley was everywhere. He is going to be an All American before long.
2. DJ Fluker was dominating at Right Tackle.
3. Lacy an Goode, both very hard an impressive runners.
4. AJ McCarron - 9-of-15 for 116 yards & no ints.

"I'm really pleased with the effort and intensity we had. We worked to try to dominate the competition," Saban said of Saturday's meeting with the Spartans. "The goal all along was to develop an identity."

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  1. Bama looked good last night and those top 5 recruiting classes are starting to show as the depth with the young guys in unbelievable!!!RTR