Getting the Roster Ready ...

Players Confirmed to have left Alabama Since Signing Day

- Kicker Corey Smith (transferred to West Virginia).

- Linebacker Prince Hall (transferred to Central Washington).

- Linebacker Jennings Hester (medical scholarship).

- Offensive lineman Evan Cardwell (earned degree).

- Linebacker Charlie Kirschman (earned degree).

- Wide receiver Chris Jackson (transferred to Georgia Tech).

- Defensive back Alonzo Lawrence (transfer pending).

- Linebacker Brandon Fanney (transfer pending).

- Preyear (transfer pending).

Incoming Signees

- Defensive lineman Quinton Dial did not academically qualify.

- Potential Grayshirt Anthony Orr.

- Potential Grayshirt Kellen Williams.

- Potential Grayshirt Kendall Kelly.

- Eddie Lacy is Awaiting approval from the NCAA Clearinghouse.

- Darrington Sentimore is Awaiting approval from the NCAA Clearinghouse.

REDSHIRT = A player has participated in a college's academic year, but did not participate during that year's sports season. By redshirting, a player gains an opportunity to learn schemes and techniques, rehabilitate an injury, learn a new position and/or physically develop without losing a year of eligibility.

GRAYSHIRT = An incoming player who waits until the second semester to enroll rather than the fall. College athletes are allowed a five year calendar to play four seasons. The calendar begins once one is enrolled. By waiting until the spring to start college, a player will be playing his last season in the sixth year after high school rather than the fifth. "

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