The Tide will Roll

Here are 5 Reasons Why The Tide Will Roll Through The SEC:

This is how they are listed on the Bleacher Report:

1. Defense
2. Greg Mcelroy
3. The backfield
4. Receivers
5. The Coach

I agree with the list but in a little different order:

1. Greg McElroy. Greg McElroy. Greg McElroy. Greg's QB skills will be clear very early in the VT Game.

2. Receivers. Julio Jones, Mike McCoy, Marquis Maze. The sleeper will be TE Colin Peek. He will give Greg a big target in the Red Zone and out of the backfield. Colin will be an extra OL too. He should have a monster year.

3. Defense. Should be in the Top #3 in the nation. Lots of returning players mixed with the nations best young blood.

4. Backs. Ingram and Roy Upchurch are back! Oh, don't forget incoming freshman Trent Richardson.

5. Saban. Need I say more.

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