More Preseaon SEC Predictions ...

SEC East: Florida Even if you say that Florida is going to be down this year from last year and that the loss of Percy Harvin is going to hurt them tremendously, please find me one loss on their SEC schedule, nevermind two. They avoid their one stumbling block of Ole Miss this year and they avoid Alabama. They get LSU with an unproven QB on the road and they get the cocktail party against UGA's new offense.

SEC West: Alabama Speaking of LSU & Bama, it's flip a coin with them or Bama or take the hyped up Ole Miss squad. Ole Miss has the proven QB but Bama and LSU have the talent coming in on a year to year basis. I'm not comfortable picking Ole Miss to pull off the little upset, and Bama simply put has a way easier schedule than LSU.

SEC Winner: Florida 24 Bama 20, In a rematch of last years SEC title game, the Crimson Tide will once again come up short against the Gators.

2009 College Football Season Predictions

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