Quotes from the SEC Media Days

"Those guys (Tana Patrick and Nico Johnson) have to take it to the next level," Saban said. "They can't be satisfied. You know, it's kind of human nature that when you're satisfied and you're ranked high in a lot of categories that maybe you don't challenge yourself as much. You get a little complacent, you get a little satisfied. That can't hap­pen."
Nick Saban

"I think he (Greg McElroy) will be surpris­ingly good this year," he said, "not surprising to us, but maybe to some other people because he has a good offensive line and it doesn't hurt to have Mark In­gram behind you to hand off the ball to."
Nick Saban

Rolando McClain called "McElroy the Tide's secret weapon."

Saban touts chemistry; Tide no Longer Underdog

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